A new platform is being established to highlight the truth about Karabakh: we need volunteer specialists

A new platform is being established to highlight the truth about Karabakh: we need  volunteer specialists

A new platform is being established to highlight the truth about Karabakh: we need volunteer specialists

It is known that information policy and popularization are extremely important in our time. It is so serious that its proper establishment and effective implementation can be in most cases  more effective than diplomacy or armed war. The Karabakh conflict, which has lasted more than 30 years, and the consequent occupation of 20 percent of our lands, is resulted in our occasional defeat on the information war. Unfortunately, despite all the criticism, there are still shortcomings.

Information warfare is  not traditional way. Widespread  social networks and information technologies, attracting millions of followers from all over the world, requires a more correct direction of work in this area, the effective use of these opportunities. 

Using all possible means, our notorious neighbors are carrying out smear campaigns against our country and people, providing the world community with confusing, false and deceptive information about the real causes and consequences of the Karabakh problem. From Wikipedia to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other popular networks, they are full of fake information and propaganda materials. Although Azerbaijan is working to prevent this, in our opinion, it is still insufficient and not at a satisfactory level. In general, every citizen, regardless of where he lives or his political position, must be vigilant and active in this matter, do his best to create a full and honest picture of the protection of our national interests and our main problem in the world community. It is gratifying that social network activist Ramin Bahman has launched another initiative in this direction.

He began work on the Karabakh propaganda platform. In order to implement this project at the required level, specialists in various fields are needed. Taking this into account, Ramin Bahman applied from his Facebook account and invited our compatriots with knowledge and skills in relevant fields to cooperate. His appeal reads: “To us We need volunteers who can work on new social media:

- historian;

- linguist;

- translator; 

- programmer;

- video editor; 

- sound recording;

- SMM;

- researcher;

- cameraman; 

- journalist.

We need these professionals. Our goal is to stress the truth about Karabakh in different languages ​​to the public of different countries and to implement propaganda and educational projects on Karabakh. We believe that everyone should do their best for Karabakh on a united front without political or religious discrimination. ” As website, we express our confidence that experts in these fields will join this important project, which serves our national interest, and will contribute to its development. If you are interested, please contact Ramin Bahman's number below.

+994 505122422 WhatsApp

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