“ABAD” organizes International Symposium on Ceramics

“ABAD” organizes International Symposium on Ceramics

“ABAD” organizes International Symposium on Ceramics

The International Ceramics Symposium titled "From Nature to History" will be held in Sheki "ABAD" Ceramics and Applied Art Center from May 20 to June 2.

Throughout history, ceramic is associated with human life and expresses its aesthetic-exquisite taste and outlook. Numerous ceramic samples and ancient wood stoves have been uncovered during archaeological excavations throughout the entire territory of Azerbaijan, especially in Shaki. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the first large-scale international ceramics symposium in Azerbaijan is about to happen in Sheki.

The purpose of the International Sheki Ceramics Symposium, organized by the “ABAD” public legal entity, is to exchange experience to increase the level of professionalism among the attendees and local ceramic artists, to strengthen cultural traditions and promote them, as well as to familiarize the participants and visitors of the symposium with contemporary trends in ceramics art.

The symposium will involve foreign artists and ceramic masters. Participants will be selected between individuals applied  through  www.ceramicsymposium.org 

By the end of the two-week symposium, a collection of ceramic artworks will be created.

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