Abdullayev Namig Vahid

Abdullayev Namig Vahid

Date of birth: 10/05/1974 Date of death: 09/02/1993

He was born in Avshar village of Aghjabedi region in1974. After finishing school in 1991, Namiq expresses his wish to join the army. But he fails to fulfill his own wish. He could not bear losing our lands and was eagerly waiting to become an appropriate age to join the army and at the same time, he was closely observing the battles taking place in Qarabagh. Finally, he enlists in the army in 1992 and joins the same battalion as his father. From the very first days, he showed our enemy what he was capable of and he was fighting valiantly in all the battles taking place in Qarabagh and also took active part in liberation of several villages as well. In 1993, February 9th, Armenian armed forces started attacking with heavy artillery our forces that were taking position in Khojavend region to protect the area. Of course for a small group it was not easy to withstand the strong military equipment of the enemy. However, the fighters looking in the eyes of death, tried to repel the attack.

  Once again our fighter, NamiqAbdullayev showed his might to our enemy. After destroying dozen of Armenian soldiers, he squeezed the grenade onto his chest and threw himself under the tank in the last moment. All the staff of the armored military machine was destroyed and the brave son of our motherland embraced the eternity.

  He was single.

He was posthumously awarded the title of "National Hero of Azerbaijan" “by the Decree No. # 202 of the President of the Azerbaijani Republic in 1994, September 16. He was buried in Avshar village and the school in this village is named after him.



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