Aghayev Baylar Tapdig

Aghayev Baylar Tapdig

Date of birth: 03/02/1969 Date of death: 06/08/1992

He was born in Garaghajli village of Gubadli region on February the 3rd, 1969. And in 1985, he finished a secondary school in the same village of Gubadli region. He started working as an ordinary worker in the state farm for two years. In 1987 Beyler was enlisted in the army.  After completing two years of his military service in Democratic Republic of Germany in 1989, AghayevBeyler returned to his home village and continued working for the state farm. He entered The State University of Civil Engineering in 1990. But two years later, in 1992 he interrupted his studies and voluntarily joined the National Army. His bravery and valor dragged attention from the very beginning. And therefore, the commander of the Brigade assigned him to the post of unit commander.

B. Aghayev showed a real example of bravery while destroying a lot of live forces and military equipment of the enemy, in the battles of cleansing our lands from Armenian invaders that were taking place in the villages of Lachin region such as; Sefiyan Lower and Upper Ferejan, Turks, Mazutlu, Suarasi etc.

On August 6, 1992, a lot of bloody battles were taking place for the sake of Khanalilar village. The unexpected attack of the enemy! And his unit was already surrounded by the enemy. The brave commander says to his friends and colleagues:"We are now going to die for our motherland. Maybe this battle will be our last one." Beyler then stood up, joined the battle and started attacking the enemy forces along with his battle friends. They destroyed a lot of enemy's live forces and military equipment and at the same time they themselves died heroically while protecting our lands from our foul enemies.

He was single.

In 1992, December the 7th, BeylerAghayev was named a "National Hero" of Azerbaijan by the Decree No. # 350 by the President of the Azerbaijani Republic after his death. He was buried in the Alley of Martyrs in Garachajli village. The secondary school of Garaghajli village is after his name. But the village is now under Armenian invasion.



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