Ahadov Elshad Saday

Ahadov Elshad Saday

Date of birth: 04/03/1968 Date of death: 11/12/1993

He was born nn the 4th of March, 1968 in the village of TazeAlvadi in Masally region. He went to the first class in 1975 in the same village and in 1982, after completing seventh grade; he entered the Military lyceum after Dzh.Nahchyvanski which he finished with excellent marks. Then he entered Kamenets-Podolsk School of Supreme Commanders in Ukraine.

 In 1989 he received the rank of lieutenant and was appointed and sent as a military commander of one of the military units in the Volgograd region.

After a while the young officer returned to his Homeland. First he worked as a company commander in the city of Baku, Guzdek district and then in Lankaran region.

 He was very angry to see the attacks of armenian occupiers and the loss of Azerbaijani lands. Thus Elshad wanted to use the military experience that he gained as a commander for the sake and defense of his people against this aggression.  He was able to create a combat zone. The combat path of the young officer began from the territory of the Fizuli region, and then passed through the villages of AshagiVeysalli, Şişqayaya, Nargiztapa and Dashburun. ElshadAhadovBeylagan showed a great courage in the defense of Beylegan region. The dozen of Armenians militants and 8 enemy tanks were destroyed by being trapped in the areas that were mined with bombs by him.  His last battle was on the 11th of December 1993 on the hills of Aghdash region. He was leading his comrades into this battle. Elshad created a powerful barrier to prevent the attack of armenian militants, who greatly outnumbered our soldiers. He was badly wounded in this unequal battle. Despite the efforts of doctors, it was impossible to save his life. On 11 december 1993, he closed his eyes forever.

He was married with two children. Ahadov Elshad Saday was posthumously awarded the order of the "Azerbaijani Flag" by decree no. 203, on September 1994. Ahadov was awarded the title of the "National Hero of Azerbaijan" by the decree of the president of the Azerbaijan Republic on 14th December, 1993. He was buried in the village of Teze Alvadi. And the village park there as well as the secondary school is named after him.



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