Akbarov Akif Abbas

Akbarov Akif Abbas

Date of birth: 02/02/1952 Date of death: 12/08/1991

He was born on the 2nd of February 1952, in the village of Baland Jabrayil region. In 1969 he finished school number 1, Beylagan region. In 1970 was enlisted into the army and in 1972, he was demobilized.

In 1974, he started working as a policeman in the Department of Internal Affairs of Beylagan.  His last place of work was the Police Department of State Automobile Inspectorate. Police sergeant Akif Akperov was working as inspector of traffic police. On the 5th of August 1991, in order to ensure the safety of civilians in the area called “Sari yer” in Kalbajar region, a group of police officers of Beylagan Police Department were sent there. And Akif Akperova was among the police officers in this squad.

 August 12 was the date when Armenians attacked "Sari yer" from Cermuq city.

Police officers entered the battle in order to protect our people. Akif took strategically a very good position and armenians were not even able to raise their heads. In this battle, which lasted about 6 hours, AkifAkperov fought bravely. A lot of manpower of the enemy was destroyed. But unfortunately, Akif was caught by sudden enemy bullets. He died heroically.

 He was married with five children.

AkberovAkif was posthumously awarded the title of “National Hero" by the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan by decree no. 264 on 8th of October 1992.  He was buried in Beylagan. One of the streets in Beylagan is named after him.



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