Allahverdi Baghirov Teymur

Allahverdi Baghirov Teymur

Date of birth: 22/04/1946 Date of death: 12/06/1992

 He was born on 22 April in 1946 in Agdam. In 1965 he finished school number 1 in Agdam city. Allahverdi from childhood was interested in sports. And he was engaged in athletics such as; volleyball and soccer. Long before Karabakh events he was already famous, and achieved this fame as a football player in Agdam. He was not only a coach of junior sports school football team from 1966 until 1983 but also was working with "Karabakh" football team.

 Allahverdi, was a straightforward, courageous man who would not tolerate such injustice. In 1988, he joined the National Movement against Armenian aggression in Karabakh and was one of the activists from the first days. Unfortunately with the tragedy of January 20, the enemy further reinforced his anger. But we also created a battalion of volunteers. This battalion of soldiers fought bravely in defense of a number of villages of Aghdam.

Allahverdi perhaps was experiencing the most troubled, and the most anxious days of his life in 1992. It was not easy to help to bring food to the blockaded villages. He did his best in order to liberate the villages. In February 1992, at the time of Khojaly tragedy, Allakhverdi Bagirov along with the battalion was able to save hundreds of our compatriots near Asgeran.

 Aranzamin, Nakhchivanik, Dahraz, Mirkend, Pirjamal villages were freed from the enemy thanks to the efforts of the battalion on June 12, 1992. He believed that the war will end soon and our troops will move till Khankendi. But the brave commander could not reach his dream. They fell onto one of the enemy mines when he and the guards were returning to the Headquarters after checking the stations.

He was married and had one son and two daughters.

 Bagirov Allakhverdi Teymur was posthumously awarded the title of "National Hero of Azerbaijan" by the decree # 476 of the president of the Azerbaijan Republic on February 24, 1993. He was buried in Aghdam in the alley of Martyrs.



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