Arazov Enver Talish

Arazov Enver Talish

Date of birth: 02/12/1953 Date of death: 02/11/1992

He was born on the 2nd of December, 1953 in Ganja city where studied at school # 15 till the 8th grade. He had to undergo a serious surgery and therefore could not proceed with his studies. But later, he studied in a Vocational school.

     Enver started his career as an electrician in Ganja Clay Factory.  After working there for a while, he continued his education and at Ganja Polytechnic Technical College. He was enlisted in the army in 1974 and served in Northern Naval Fleet in Murmansk, Russia. Enver returned to his hometown – Ganja three years later after finishing his military service. And he started working at “Bullur” factory and at the same time continued his education at the Technical College.

     After successfully graduating from the Technical College in 1980, Enver started working at the Plant first as a Regulator (controller) and then as a Shift maker.

In 1988 the unrestrained Armenian gangsters began attacking Azerbaijani villages in Garabagh.

     The pressure of the Armenian armed forces on Azerbaijanis was increasing day by day and they were forcing peaceful Azeri citizens to leave their own houses and lands.

      E. Arazov had uncompromising position against frantic Armenian dashnaks. From the early days of the National Movement, his voice was heard either from the meetings or from the battle fronts. In order to fight the Armenian gangsters openly, he enlisted into Internal Affair Bodies and took up arms. The unit that was lead by him had several successful battle operations and though many lives were sacrificed, they were able to free Azerbaijani soldiers who were surrounded by the enemy.

On the 2nd of November, 1992.was E. Arazov’s last battle.......

     He entered a heavy battle against Armenian invaders in Sirkhavend village of Aghdam region the first days of November. Despite of the battle being unequal, Enver showed a great courage and died heroically in the battlefield. 

     He was married and had two children – a son and a daughter.

Arazov Anvar Talish was posthumously awarded the title of "National Hero of Azerbaijan" by the decree # 290 of the president of the Azerbaijan Republic dated November 6, 1992.

He was buried in the Martyrs Alley in Ganja city.



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