Asadov Malik Hamil

Asadov Malik Hamil

Date of birth: 27/06/1962 Date of death: 18/01/1992

He was born on the 27th of June 1962 in the Havarlı village of Yevlakh region. In 1979 he was called into the army after finishing high school. He completed his military service in Kazakhstan. After coming home he began working in the Independent Paramilitary Fire Protection Unit # 45 in Mingachevir city.

Karabakh events made him to put on the clothes of the soldier. He was involved in heavy battle in Agdam, Shusha, Khojaly, Asgaran. After a while, he was appointed as a commander of his department. Due to his great service to the Homeland he received many Diplomas and was awarded several times.

On the 12th of January 1992 he was ordered to go to Shusha with 20 men. They were standing on posts near Shusha and the surrounding villages. Then they were sent to Nabilar village that was located next to Dashaltia village.

On the 18th of January Armenian soldiers attacked the village from all sides. The number of gunmen of Armenian forces was larger. But the Azeris were only 6 people. Our police were forced to retreat. Malik Assadov despite of having several wounds, were fighting with unbelievable courage. Shusha police reached out for their help. But it was too late and his wounds were very bad. He closed his eyes forever thanks to the armenian fascists who killed him with cruelty. But he also did not remain indebted to them; the dozen bodies of the enemy were lying down around them.

He was married with three children.

Assadov Malik Hmailwas posthumously awarded the title of "National Hero of Azerbaijan" by the decree # 264 of the president of the Azerbaijan Republic on the 8 of October 1992. He was buried in the village Havarlı.

Havarlı village’s secondary school is named after him. There is a bust of him in front of his work place in Mingachevir city and in the school f Havarli.



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