Babayev Chingiz Adil

Babayev Chingiz Adil

Date of birth: 02/10/1964 Date of death: 28/10/1995

He was born on October 2, 1964 in Baku. After finishing secondary school № 20 in Yasamal, Chingiz, who was originally from Nakhchivan, entered Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute. In 1986, he completed his higher education and was assigned to work in “Azərelektroterm” plant. While working, he took two year English Language course in Azerbaijan State Institute of Foreign Languages and graduated from it successfully. In 1992,Chingiz was assigned to work as a leading expert at the Center of Labor and Employment in Yasamal district. In August of the same year, he answered to the call of the Motherland, and voluntarily entered the ranks of the National Army. For some time, he served as chief of the headquarters in one of the units. In 1994 by the order of Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, he was sent to the military lyceum named after Dzh.Nahchyvanski. Here, he firstly started working as a platoon commander. Then after taking into consideration his knowledge and experience, they promoted him to the post of the deputy commander, in the field of the political and educational work. Chingiz achieved high results in the field of education; and he was awarded a Diploma of "Shah Ismail Khatai" by the commandment.

On October 28, 1995in an autumn evening, as always, the Baku metro was working with its working regime. Subway trains were taking passengers to their destination continually. Suddenly the train between the stations "Ulduz" and "Nariman Narimanov" was engulfed in flames. The passengers were trying to get rid themselves of this scourge. The officer of the military lyceum Dzh.Nahchyvanski, lieutenant Ç.Babayev was also among the passengers. From the first moment, when people started screaming, he decided to take urgent actions in order to save them. Chingiz mobilized all the cadets who were there with him on the train and started helping people to get out of the trains. A brave officer showedan unparalleled leadership and dedication and as a result, dozens of people were saved from death. But he, himself could not be saved from brutal death. He sacrificed his life for the lives of others.

 He was not married.

 Chingiz Adil oglu Babayev was posthumously awarded the title of the "National Hero of Azerbaijan" by the decree # 506 of the president of the Azerbaijan Republic dated November 3, 1996.

 He was buried at the cemetery in Yasamal district of Baku.

 Memorial in his honor was erected in Baku metro station "Ulduz". His bust was built in the military lyceum Dzh.Nahchyvanskits. In the high school where he studied and in front of the building where he lived there is a memorial plaque to honor him.




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