Behbudov Safiyar Abuzar

Behbudov Safiyar Abuzar

Date of birth: 18/06/1967 Date of death: 21/03/1992

He was born in Mollali village of Bard town on June 18, 1967. In 1984 he finished secondary school # 6 in Barda city. A year later, Safiyar was called up for military service in the Soviet Army. In 1987 he was demobilized from the army and sent to the training for the officers by the district military commissariat. Safiyar, who finished the course with the rank of a lieutenant, was from the first days in the forefront of the National Liberation Movement of Azerbaijan.

 He gathered around himself the youth of the region by creating A Democratic Youth Organization called “SOY” (ancestry, family) in Barda. A week after Khojaly genocide, Safiyar did not hesitate to enter Barda self-defense battalion. He was appointed as a commander of the department. After several successful operations in Tartar region, Safiyar and his battalion were sent to fight in battles in Aghdam direction.

On the 11theof March the enemy attacked our posts and surrounded the area near Asgeran. Safiyar entered the battle with his ICV (Infantry combat vehicle). He completed the task successfully by releasing our blockaded soldiers and breaking the resistance of the enemy. And then, he started moving toward Asgaran.  Safiyar came across with the large number of the enemy in the place called Qaraqaya. However, he continued to move forward and did not back off. In the morning, ICV of the brave warrior who was fighting valiantly against Armenian bandits was shot and he was severely wounded. They captured him in a wounded state and held captive for 10 days giving him impossible tortures. But he stoically endured severe tortures clenching his teeth and as an officer, was faithful to the oath and did not give any secrets to the enemy.

 The armenian bandits tied his feet with wire, and poured petrol on him and then burned him alive. The charred body of young officer – Behbudov Safiyar was taken from armenians with a great difficulty with the help of ANF of Agdam region on March 21, 1992.

He was not married.

Behbudov Safiyar Abuzar was posthumously awarded the title of "National Hero of Azerbaijan" by the decree no. 833of the president of the Azerbaijan Republic dated 7 June 1992.



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