Edilov Yelmar Shahmar

Edilov Yelmar Shahmar

Date of birth: 10/04/1946 Date of death: 11/04/1994

Edilov Yelmar was born in the village of Alimadadli in Agdam region on the 10th of April 1946.  Between the years of 1954-64, he attended high school in the village of Agdam region and then entered Agricultural Technical School. In 1964, he began his military service in Minsk. Yelmar was a good athlete. He was engaged in Sambo. He had to return from the army because the incident that occurred during his service in the army. He had a neck injury during a championship. He was discharged from a military service, which made him to continue his education in college. In 1970, he completed his education. He went to work at a wine collective farm named after M.F.

 In the beginning of 1988 armenians started their territorial claims to Azerbaijan, which woke the sons of the motherland from their peaceful sleep. Edilov insisted on the creation of a voluntary defense battalions. After the events in 1990 his work began to go in the necessary direction. Since the beginning of 1991 many villages of Agdam – Sirkhavand, Gazanchu and Farrukh, Kican were under the fire day and night by the Armenian forces. The last hope of the natives was the self-defense groups. During this time under the leadership of Yelmar a group of self defence forces was created in Kolani village. Other villages such as; Qazanchi,  Sirkhavand  and also Manikli showed a great bravery in the battles against Armenian forces.

The last battle of the brave commander was on the 11th of April 1994. "Çərik" fattening station was attacked by a large force of the enemy and the battalion with the leadership of Y. Edilov entered struggle for life and death. The enemy attacked our soldiers from the left flank, but our brave soldiers were able to hit 2 tanks. The enemy was forced to retreat with heavy losses. Suddenly a bomb exploded near Yelmar, lbreaking his life and the dreams. The brave commander at the age of 48 closed his eyes forever.

He was married and had five sons and two daughters - a father of 7 children.

Edilov Yelmar Shahmar was posthumously awarded with the title of "National Hero of Azerbaijan" by the decree of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan number 203 on the 16th of September 1994. He was buried in the second alley of Martyrs in Baku.



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