Farajov Anver Sayad

Farajov Anver Sayad

Date of birth: 28/06/1952 Date of death: 11/09/1991

He was born on June 28, 1952, in the village of Sarov Goranboy region.He finished secondary school in the village of Sarov in 1968. Then he entered Azerbaijan Agricultural Institute. In 1974 graduated from the faculty of Mechanization and started his career as a chief engineer in the state farm called “Azerbaijan" in Goranboy region.

 He started his military career from 1981 while working for the Internal Affairs Authorities.

He then began working as a person on duty and later on, as a district commissioner in the Special Department of the Commandant in Bezmen city of Turkmenistan republic. In 1990, after graduating from the Uzbekistan Police Academy, he was appointed to work within The Ministry of Internal Affairs.  Then he worked as a chief assistant in Ganja Police.

 In 1991, he returned to his native region and started working as a chief of Passport Office in Todan. A short time later, he was appointed as a chief of Todan Police Department.

 From that moment his most restless and troubled days began. He was either in the Front line or in his work and was going from one battle to another.

 August 18, 1991... He entered an unequal battle in order to free his compatriots that were surrounded by armenian siege. He managed to break the Armenians siege and free his colleages without any loss. Farajov Anver was awarded by the Department of Internal Affairs for his bravery and success in this battle. He did not spare his efforts and skills in the battles against the armenian militants was ready to sacrifice his life for the Motherland, and for every inch of our Land since his arrival in Goranboy.

 September 11, 1991... The enemy had attacked the villages Meneshli, Erkec and Buzluqwith with large forces. Though our Police squad was outnumbered, they did not lose vigilance. Armenian militants had significant casualties in an unequal battle. This was Anver Farajov’s last fight. He died heroically in battle.

 He was married and survived by a son and daughter.

 Farajov Anver Sayad was posthumously awarded the title of "National Hero of Azerbaijan" by the decree # 214 of the president of the Azerbaijan Republic dated October the 8th 1992.

He was buried in Goranboy region.

 There is a bust of him Goranboy region as well.



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