Gadimaliyev Arif Maasif

Gadimaliyev Arif Maasif

Date of birth: 13/07/1975 Date of death: 17/03/1995

He was born in Kesemen village of Agstafa region on the 13th of July, 1975. He started working on a state farm after Nevai after finishing school in 1992.

Arif was called for military service by Agstafa region military Commissariat in 1993. He had military training in Sumgayit and Gusar. He went to the front line on the 18th of January 1994. Arif started his first battle as a scout. He used all the knowledge that he gained during his military trainings against the enemy. He was serving within military unit #172 both as a scout and as a sniper. And he also took an active part in the battles that were taking place in regions such as Fizuli, Kalbejer and Murovdag. Thanks to his bravery and extreme courage, he earned the respect and gratitude of his commanders. The brave soldier loved his country more than his own life and showed a true example of bravery in the operations that were held in Aghdere and Tartar regions. 1995 … the events of 13-17th of March … It was one of the most tragic times of the history of independent Azerbaijan. Arif Gadimaliyev sacrificed his own life for the sake of the statehood and in order to prevent coup d’état.

He was single.

Gadimaliyev Arif Maasif was posthumously awarded the title of the “National hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree # 307 of the president of the republic of Azerbaijan on the 4th of April, 1995.

He was buried in the Dag Kasemen Village. There is a cultural house and a bust after him in Agstafa city.



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