Guliyev Matlab Kamran

Guliyev Matlab Kamran

Date of birth: 09/01/1959 Date of death: 31/08/1992

He was born in Beylagan region on the 9th of January, 1959. He received his elementary education at the school # 3 within. Later, his family moved to Sumgayit city. Matlab continued his education till the 8th grade at school # 13 in Sumgayit. He entered Military School for Cadets after Nakhchivanski with the s=desire to become a military person. After successfully graduating from Military School, he first worked as a welder in Gilazi Poultry farm and later in Jeyranbatan Automotive Transportation Union. A short while later he was walled for military service. And he did his military service in Ukraine. After Matleb was demobilized from the army, he entered Azerbaijani State Pedagogical Institute. He was awarded with the “Badge of Excellence” during his university years. When he graduated from the Institute with the rank of lieutenant in 1985, he started working as a military training instructor at school # 3 in Sumgayit.

He was accepted to work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 1992. He was training new soldiers in the Internal Troops in order to teach all the knowledge that he was once taught for he knew that we need experienced soldiers in order to fight for our country and returned the occupied territories. Matlab was also frequently visiting combat zones.

The war would not stop. Bloody battles were taking place in Aghdam region on the 31st of August, 1992. Armenians were in charge of the most strategic heights which they occupied. It was necessary to awaken the enthusiasm and bravery of the soldiers.  Matlab started attacking Armenian bandits with his machine gun destroying dozens of them. When Armenians felt that his ran out of bullets, they attacked him from everywhere and killed his captain. But Matlab loaded his gun machine again and starting firing at the enemy. He died heroically in this bloody battle.

He was married and survived by a son and a daughter.

Guliyev Matlab Kamran was posthumously awarded the title of the “National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree 290 of the president of Azerbaijani Republic on the 6th of November, 1992.

The school # 3 in Sumgayit city is named after him and there also a bust of him in front of the school. There is also a memorial plague of him in fron of the building where he used to live and a spring.



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