Guliyev Nazim Gabil

Guliyev Nazim Gabil

Date of birth: 07/02/1965 Date of death: 09/01/1992

He was born in Orengala village of Beylegan region on the 7th of February, 1965. He was called for military service after finishing secondary school in 1982. Nazim was sent for 6 months military training because of his good service. After finishing his military service, he returned to his own region and started working at a wine factory # 2.

When Garabagh war started in 1988, he took up arms and joined one of the self defense battalions. He was admitted as a police officer in the police regiment of the Police Department of Fizuli region. He was distinguished many times in the battle that took place for the sake of Fizuli region. Nazim was doing his best in order to take the civilians to safer places and the wounded soldiers to the hospital to be treated. He was promoted to the rank of the sergeant major for his bravery in the battles and whatever battle he would enter, he would always come back as a winner. He was bravely fightings in the battles that were taking place in Juvarli, Malikjan, Arish, and Divanallar villages.

On the 9th of January, 1992…Seven Azerbaijani soldiers were surrounded by the enemy in the battle for the sake of Koshbek village. Nazim Guliyev reached the village to help them in time and in a sever battle they were able to break the blockade and release the soldiers. After this battle, he received another task.  He without losing any time drove towards the enemy the Armored Vehicle he was in charge of. In the first confrontation, the 2 most important Armenian posts were destroyed. Thus they were able to take back the ammunition and military equipment as well. But unfortunately the enemy bullet didn’t pass Nazim by and the 27 year old brave soldier closed his eyes forever.

He was single.

Guliyev Nazim Gabil was posthumously awarded the title of the “National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree # 264 of the president of Azerbaijani republic on the 8th October, 1992. He was buried in Fizuli region. The schools in the villages of Yukhari Yaghlavend and Orengala are named after the hero.



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