Hajiyev Alif Latif

Hajiyev Alif Latif

Date of birth: 24/06/1953 Date of death: 26/02/1992

He was born in Khojali region on June 24, 1953. 1970, he finished secondary school and obtained a driving license in Khankendi. In 1971 was called into the army. Alif completed his Military service in Minsk. When he was demobilized from the army in 1973, he started working as a driver for a Motor Company in Khankendi. In the years of 1974-84, he worked in various positions in the internal affairs of DQMV of the Azerbaijan SSR and the Interior Ministry of Belarus. In 1976 he entered Secondary Special Militia School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR named after Frunze and graduated from it in 1979. He continued his education at the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, in 1981.

 While working DQMV, he was trying to expose a secret nationalistic center for a long time. Therefore, the armenian nationalists, sentenced to 10 years in prison, bringing up false accusations. There was a review of the case in 1987 and sentenced of a 10-year imprisonment was reduced to 6 years. He was then acquitted, and released.

 In1990, Hajoyev Alif returned to Khojali, Garabagh and proceeded with his fight against armenian nationalists within the organizations such as Daghliq Garabagh Committee and Garabagh People’s Support Committee.

He was restored to the position of the Chief of the Department of Internal Affairs in Khojali Airort line and started working there in December, 1990. At the same time, he became the commandant of the Khojaly Airport. He was awarded the rank of major in December 1991, thank to his good work.

 Thanks to the excellent work and efforts of the Garabagh warrior – Hajiyev Alif, Armenians completely lost control over Khojali Airport and that was a bid disaster for them. Therefore in order to take the control back the evolved a new, more disgusting plan called “Operation Khojali”. Ancient Khojaly was in real danger. Like many, Hajiyev also saw it. He was calling Baki every day and every hour, urging them to act proactively against the enemy. But the capital was not concerned about Khojaly even for a moment.  Finally, the day of the tragedy came. Residents of the town of Khojaly on 25 February 1992 did not accept the demand of armenian gangster to leave the city and were expecting the capital to support and protect them.

Alif and his battalion fought against frantic and unrestrained Russian and Armenian bandits. In this unbelievably unequal battle or brave soldiers showed a true example of courage.

They managed to take the civilians to Shelli village of Aghdam region. Alif, returning back, embraced the bloody battle once again. The enemy bullet ended the life of the brave warrior while he was reloading his gun. He, who loved his Motherland more than anything became a martyr in Khojali Tragedy.

 He was married and had two daughters.

Major Hajiyev Alif Latif was posthumously awarded the title of "National Hero of Azerbaijan" by the decree no. 831 of the president of the Azerbaijan Republic dated 6th of June 1992.

 He was buried in the alley of Martyrs in Baku.

 In the Nizami district of Baku, one of the streets is named after the hero.



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