Hajiyev Fikret Ali

Hajiyev Fikret Ali

Date of birth: 19/05/1964 Date of death: 05/05/1992

He was born in Gizilhajili village of Goranboy region on May 19, 1964.

 In 1978, after completing the eighth grade of school in his native village, he mastered a profession of electrician at Gaja Vocationa School. Fikret was called to military service by the Goranboy region Military Commissariat in 1982. He completed his Military service in the city of Ufa, Russia. Then he entered the Cooperative Technical School of Baku. When he completed his studies, he returned to his native village and began working in his own field.

 As a person of simple profession, he was trying to help everyone.

 The end of 1991... He voluntarily joined the front. He was actively involved in the defense of the villages of Goranboy region such as; Sahfaq, Zeyve, Garachinar and other crucial points and in a short time has won the respect of his fellow soldiers.  He was trying to learn from professional soldiers, and was adequately fulfilling the instructions of the leadership.

 4th of May 1992…He prepared a plan of operation within the territory “Yaltakhil”, in order to shut down armenian positions located in the village of Talysh. It was a surprise attack for the armenian armed units. Unable to resist Goranby warriors, the enemy soldiers left their positions. Nevertheless, armenians attacked suddenly on May the 5th, the territory was subjected to heavy firing. Fikret Hajiyev died heroically in the battle.

 He was not married.

Hajiyev Fikret Ali was posthumously awarded the title of "National Hero of Azerbaijan" by the decree no. 833 of the president of the Azerbaijan Republic dated 7th of June 1992.

 He was buried at the cemetery in Gizilhajili village. Ballıqaya village secondary school is named after him. There is a bust of him in Goranboy region.



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