Hasanov Eldar Isfandiyar

Hasanov Eldar Isfandiyar

Date of birth: 26/12/1965 Date of death: 12/05/1994

He was born in Lallar village of Jalilabad on December 26, 1965. In 1983 he finished secondary school in the village Khanagah. In 1984 was called into the army by the Military Commissariat of Jalilabad region. In 1986, completed his military service and returned to his native village where he started working as a driver.

 1988… The crimes committed by armenian fascism grew day by day. In 1990, Eldar was enlisted in the Special Police Force. He selflessly fought for every inch of Azerbaijani lands. The enemy was driven back by the courage and bravery shown by Eldar in the battles. In Lachin, Eldar Hassanov thanks to his battle skills managed to break the enemy siege and take the battalion to a safer place without any loss in the battle. Eldar Hasanov never liked to initially share his plans with anybody, sometime he was even going on scouting by himself and would return with 2- 3 enemy captives. He wanted to see the liberation of Azerbaijani lands. Therefore it did not know any fear. Armenians put 50 thousand USD ransom for Hassanov Eldar’s head.

 In 1991 he entered the Police Academy. In January 1994, his second Front life began.  He destroyed a lot of enemy forces and technology in Fizuli. His bravery and heroism was a legend for the people of Azerbaijan. Therefore armenians were constantly stalking him and seeking a moment and opportunity to kill him. Finally, the 1th of May 1994… There was heavy fighting for the village of Horadiz. Eldar as it was expected of him was in the front and fighting bravely. Sudden bomb took the life and silenced the heart of the brave warrior – police sergeant Eldar Hassanov forever.

 He was single.

Hassanov Eldar Isfandiyar was posthumously awarded the title of "National Hero of Azerbaijan" by the decree # 262 of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan in January the 15th 1995.

 He was buried in the village of Lallar, Jalilabad region.

There is a bust of him in front of Jalilabad region Police Department building.



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