Humbatov Farhad Ganbar

Humbatov Farhad Ganbar

Date of birth: 10/09/1968 Date of death: 29/03/1992

He was born in the village of Qarakilsa (Gugark) of Archut region in Western Azerbaijan on September the 10th, 1968. Ferhad studied in the village school till the eighth grade and then in 1983 he entered a Vocational School in Hamamli region (nowadays Spitak) where he acquired a profession of driver - mechanic. 

In 1986 he was called to Military Service. He first served in Chita and then in the Republic of Mongolia. In 1988, he was demobilized from the army in the city of Irkutsk. During that time Ferhad’s parents, like the rest of the Azerbaijanis in Western Azerbaijan were often subjected to armenian aggression and threats. Despite all the difficulties, he returned to his native village, and moved his family to Baku. He began his career as a driver in the Office of Consumer Services of Baku city.

 By chance, he survived the tragedy of January the 20th, 1990. That night, the Soviet troops entered the city with heavy artillery equipment and destroyed everything and everybody they had encountered. They did not spare anyone. Farhad was almost killed by their tanks.  After this incident, he had an aim to stand guard in the protection of our Homeland and to become a trooper. Thus, in October 1991 he went to the front lines. He enlisted in the ranks of the Battalion of Volunteers called “Shikh” and showed a great courage in the liberation of several villages.

As all the soldiers during the war, Ferhad had many difficulties. On 7th of March 1992, in the directions of Shusha, Khankendi and Kosalar, he destroyed 5 enemy posts.  29th of March, 1992… The last battle… Farhad was on operation in Kosalar village of Khojali region along with his unit. Armenians had the advantage in this battle and our soldiers were outnumbered. Despite this, the enemy had lost considerable amount of manpower. The strengths and ammunition of our soldiers were already depleted near Khankendi.  Since, they did not receive any help or support, they were forced to retreat. Ferhad died heroically by saving the lives of many wounded soldiers.

He was single.

Humbatov Ferhad was posthumously awarded the title of "National Hero of Azerbaijan" by the decree № 833 of the president of the Azerbaijan Republic dated June the 7th, 1992. He was buried in the alley of Martyrs in Baku.

There is a park named after him in Binagadi district of Baku. And in this park, there is also a bust of the hero.



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