Huseynov Afgan Garakhan

Huseynov Afgan Garakhan

Date of birth: 24/02/1963 Date of death: 01/11/1992

 He was born on 24th of February, 1963 in Baku city. He finished 8th grade of school number 109 in 1978 and entered a military lyceum after J. Nakhchivanski. After completing his education in the lyceum he was accepted to Baku School of Commanders. Afqan was sent to Simferopol city as an experienced officer in 1984. He was involved in the war in Afghanistan between the years of 1985 and 1987. He was wounded several times during the battles. After returning from the service in Afghanistan, he continued his military duties in Transcaucasian Military Circle. He was awarded medals for his gallantry. Afqan returned to Baku in 1988 and was appointed as the first commander of the squadron in Military Lyceum after Nakhchivanski where once he studied himself. Between the years of 1991 and 1992, he worked in the Ministry of National Security. And in January of the same year, he started serving as a commander of the regiment within The National Guard. And he repeatedly took an active part in the battles against the enemy. He was the leader of many combat operations. With the leadership of the great commander, many ammunition of the enemy was taken and the man power was destroyed. 1992 November the 1st … Afqan’s last battle … He died heroically in the defense of Gushchular and Safian villages of Gubadli region.

He was married and survived by a daughter.

Huseynov Afgan was posthumously awarded the title of National Hero of Azerbaijan by the decree # 262 of the president of the republic on 15th of January, 1995. His bust is put in the lyceum after Nachchivanski and in the headquarters of the National Guard. The youth organization of Khatai district has established a scholarship of excellence after the hero.



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