Huseynov Elman Suleyman

Huseynov Elman Suleyman

Date of birth: 28/02/1952 Date of death: 14/01/1993

He was born in the village of Ilkhichilar in Tartar region on the 28th of February, 1952. He finished secondary school of Garagoyunlu village in 1968. In the same year, he entered the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute. In 1973 he graduated from the faculty of Hydro melioration of the Institute and was sent to Georgia to serve in the army as an officer. In 1975 he worked in many places in his native region after being discharged from the Army.

 In 1988, in Garabagh as well as in other border villages and regions the undeclared war was getting more and more intense. The rabid armenian gangsters in order to invade our lands were having large – scale attacks against us. Tartar, as it is a bordering region was always undergoing Armenian siege and attacks as well.

22nd September, 1991…Elman established a self – defense battalion in Tartar region and led them to the battle as their commander.  And on 12th of November Elman Huseynov was appointed as the commander of the “Tartar” battalion. He, as a commander of “Tartar” Self-defense battalion had an aim not to be involved in political games and to release all our historical lands from the invasion of the enemy.

Our self defense battalion - "Tartar" had their own signature in every battle they were fighting. They were involved in the defense of the areas such as; Aghdere, Seysulan, Yarımja, Chaylı, Marqushevan, Maragha, Hassanqaya, Levonarkh, Ortakend, Serseng su anbari, Kasapet, Drambon, Maghavuz, Çıldıran... 

Not only dozens of armenian militants were destroyed in these battles but also a lot of the enemy ammunition was taken as spoils. The Battalion commander despite of being wounded several times in combats never left neither his weapon nor the battlefields.

14th of January, 1993... The Brave commander died heroically in the battles for the liberation of Veng village.

He was married and he is survived by two daughters and a son.

Major Huseynov Elman Suleyman was posthumously awarded the title of "National Hero of Azerbaijan" by the decree # 262 of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, on 15th of January, 1995.

 He was buried in Qaraqoyunlu village of Tartar region. And one of the streets in Tartar region is named after him. The bust of our brave hero is also put in Tartar region. 



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