Huseynov Vugar Tofig

Huseynov Vugar Tofig

Date of birth: 20/06/1969 Date of death: 20/07/1991

He was born in Dashkasan village of Jabrayil region on the 20th of June 1969. He went to school in 1976 and finished it in 1986. He later, continued his education in vocational school #14 in Baku.

Vugar was called for military service in 1987 and served in the Interior troops. He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant during his service. After being discharged from the army in 1989 he started his career as an electric welder at Binegedi Oil and Gas Administration. He could not bear the extreme cruelty and crimes committed by Armenian invaders. Therefore, he was enlisted in Special Police Department of Ministry of External Affairs in October 1990.

Huseynov Vugar fought bravely in the areas such as Kojali and Chaykend. He also took an active part in the liberation of several villages in Goranboy region and was also engaged in the investigation of our brave journalist – Salatin Asgerova and managed to find the assassins of the martyr.

1991… July the 20th …Armenians started attacking with huge forces Buzlug village of Goranboy region. Vugar started a counter attack with his battle friends and the enemy was forced to retreat. It was his last battle… He died heroically.

He was single.

He was awarded the medal of the Red Star by the authority of the USSR and later, he was also awarded a title of a “National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree # 831 of the president of Azerbaijan republic.

He was buried in Dashkesan village. The school where he studied is named after him. 



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