Isgenderov Famil Isgender

Isgenderov Famil Isgender

Date of birth: 15/05/1975 Date of death: 17/03/1995

He was born in Baku city on the 15th of May, 1975.

In 1991, he finished school # 157 in Binegedi district of Baku city.

Famil worked at the shipyard for 6 months after finishing secondary school.

In 1993 he was called for military service by Binegedi district Military Commissariat and was sent directly to the front line after serving for 6 months in Gusar region. Isgenderov Famil took part in the bloody battles in Agdere and Tartar regions and was wounded in his leg while taking back Murovdag from the enemy. This time he was to serve in the military unit number 776.

March of 1995 … During the hard times of the country when we lost parts of our lands, a certain group of traitors that were hungry for power were threatening our Statehood. It was a serious situation that had to be prevented as soon as possible. And the reason for that was that the country that had just gained its independence could have faced even more serious problems. The group that was trying to overthrow the government was asked several times to put their guns down and to surrender but no results were achieved. The soldiers of the National Army had to start their operation. Isgenderov was taking part in this confrontation as well.

He died heroically while saving his battle friend on the 17th of March 1995. He was shot in the head.

He was single.

Isgenderov Famil was posthumously awarded the title of “National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree # 307 by the president of Azerbaijan on the 4th of April, 1995.

He was buried in the alley of martyrs in Baku. The school #157 where he studied was named after him. There is also a bust of him in the school. There is a memorial plaque of him in front of the building where he used to live. And also his name was given to the secondary school of Ulugadag village of Qasimdkan region in autonomous republic of Dagistan.





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