Ismayilov Etibar Baylar

Ismayilov Etibar Baylar

Date of birth: 29/03/1964 Date of death: 04/01/1994

He was born in Hindarkh village of Aghjebedi region on the 29th of March, 1964. He started his career at the village Water Artesian Exploitation Department after finishing secondary school in 1981. He was a metalworker. He was a respectful person.

Starting from 1990, Etibar Ismayilov was actively participating in the defense of our lands and was trying to free the already occupied lands from the enemy. He was enlisted in Aghdam Self Defense Battalion after serving in many others. Etibar took an active part in the defense of Shelli and Nakhchivanik villages and the courage that he showed during the battles was a real example for his fellows.

When Aghjebedi self defense battalion was established, Etibar joined it immediately as a native of the region. They were protecting the areas in Khajavend region from the enemy attacks. And their battalion was using any opportunity to counterattack, whenever they had the chance. He was frequently scouting the crucial areas and returning with very important information. And the protection of the strategically important heights in the area was thanks to his efforts as well.

The 4th of January, 1994…The scouts of the battalion were assigned a very serious task – to obtain secret information about the enemy post which was located in Garakend village of Khojavend region. But unfortunately the team of scouts was under siege while they were on the operation. Seeing that the situation was hopeless, Etibar used his last grenade and exploded himself along with the enemy tank, killing the crew and destroying the enemy tank. He sacrificed his life, so that his comrades could leave the siege safely. His bravery and sacrifice became a real legend.

He was single.

Ismayilov Etibar Baylar was posthumously awarded the title of the “National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree # 86 of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

His body remained in the battlefield.

The secondary school of Hindarkh village is after the hero and there is also a bust of him in front of the school yard.



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