Jafarov Faig Aligulu

Jafarov Faig Aligulu

Date of birth: 01/05/1974 Date of death: 19/08/1999

 He was born in Shilevenge village of Jabrayil region on May 1, 1974. Faiq went to the first grade in Shilevenge secondary school and finished the tenth grade of the same school in 1991.  In the same year he entered the Baku Machine-building College. On October 18, 1992, he began military service in the National Army, and took the oath of allegiance to the Motherland. Faig Jafarov was one of the first guards in Nakhchivan border group.

He served three years in border posts of Sharur city of Nakhchivan province of Azerbaijanand during these years he was taking active part showed a great courage in repelling the attacks of armenian intruders and protecting the borders of Nakhchivan. 

The 13-17March events 1995... The troublesome anxiety of those days will never be forgotten. A group of armed groups wanted to strike at our sovereignty, our independence that was gained at the high cost and sacrifices. The alarm was raised up and several military unit soldiers were sent to disarm the dangerous zones of illegal armed groups. On the same day the Nakhchivan border detachment of volunteers section and was sent to the capital. Faig was also among those involved in the removal forces who want to overthrow the government. The night from 16 to 17 March, Faig Jafarov was wounded and taken to hospital # 3 in Sabunchu district. Through the efforts of doctors, he returned to new life. On June 22, 1999, he was discharged from  the border troops.

Jafarov Faiq was awarded the title of "National Hero of Azerbaijan" by the decree no. 427of the president of the Azerbaijan Republic

 A young hero who devoted his life to the people, the state security returned years later to the border troops again. He started serving in a Single Checkpoint in Baku. In 1997, he began studying at the faculty of law of Azerbaijan International University.

He lived with great desires. But his heart was stopped prematurely in a car accident on august 19, 1999, and he was not able to complete his wishes.

He was married and had two children.

 He was buried in Shilevenge village of Jalilabad.



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