Khasiyev Samir Ziraddin

Khasiyev Samir Ziraddin

Date of birth: 20/04/1973 Date of death: 17/03/1995

He was born in Baku city on the 20th of April, 1973. He went to the first grade at school # 82 in 1980 in Narimanov district of Baku city. Later his family moved to Ganja that is why he finished International School # 14 in 1988 in Ganja.

After he finished school he returned to Baku where he worked at Baku refrigerator factory in 1991. The same year he entered the evening department of the faculty of History at Baku State University. He was called for military service when he was first year student. Samir first served in Darnagul construction battalion. In 1992 he asked from the authority to be sent to the front line. After having a short training he joined the war. Samir’s first battle took place in Mirzali village of Agdam region. He was an active fighter in the regions such as Fizuli and Agdere in 1993. Despite of being wounded several time he never left the battle field. Samir preferred to stay next to his battle friends. One of his most intense battles took place in Tartar front. He broke the blockade of the enemy and helped many of his friends to escape the siege. Samir saved many people while looking into the eyes of death. Considering his abilities and competence he was sent for 2 months training to be trained as an officer. After being promoted the rank of Lieutenant, he became a commander of a unit that he established by himself. Samir took an active part in the suppression of Ganja revolt in 1994. He was awarded medals for his military service. The 17th of March … Another attempt of coup d’état…. The confrontation could not be resolved with piece. The brother blood was shed. Samir was wounded in his torso by a sniper bullet while they were entering the headquarters. It was not possible to save him despite the efforts of his friends. He died as a hero for the sake of our statehood.

He was single.

Khasiev Samir was posthumously awarded the title of a “National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree #307 of the president of the republic on the 4th of April 1995. He was buried in the second Martyrs Avenue in Baku city. Culture and Recreation Park formerly after named Montin in Nerimanov district is now after  Samir Khasiyev. There is a bust of his in the park.



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