Mammadov Agil Samad

Mammadov Agil Samad

Date of birth: 30/07/1969 Date of death: 07/08/1992

He was born in Gubadli region on the 30th of July, 1969. After finishing secondary school # 2 in Gubadli region in 1984, he continued his education at Khanlig Vocational school # 126. He also obtained a driving license in Fizuli region and started working as a driver in Gubadli region Transportation Office. He was called for military service in 1987 but one year later – in 1988, he returned to his home country from Orenburg province without completing his military service.

Agil Mammadov was enlisted in Gubadli region self defense battalion after returning from the army. He was actively involved and became a distinguished soldier in the battles that were taking place in the villages neighboring with Armenia. He was also an active member of the Scout group called “Garangush” (meaning Swallow) and was known to the enemy as an invincible and elusive soldier. He, along with his scout friends trespassed to Armenian side and returned back with several captives from the enemy regions called Gafan and Gorus many times. He was very much angered when Armenians took four captives from Lachin region in June, 1992. Therefore, he started an operation along with his scout friends in order to release the captives from the enemy. Several hours later, they returned back with an armenian officer as a captive and so armenians were forced to exchange four Azeri captives to one armenian officer.  That was one of his many prowess and feats.

Susuzdagh heights of Lachin region was supposed to be attacked on the 7th of August, 1992. Everything depended on the scouts. When Agil and his team of scouts were returning from the successful operation, they were ambushed by the enemy. They managed to break through the enemy ambush. Though Agil was warning his soldier fellows about the mined territory, he was not lucky himself, a short while later, he himself fell into the mined territory and was severely wounded. His friends tried to take him to a safer place but it was not possible to save his life due to severe blood loss.

He was married and survived by two daughters.

Mammadov Agil Samad was posthumously awarded the title of the “National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree # 457 of the president of the republic of Azerbaijan on the 5th of February, 1993.

He was buried in Gubadly region Alley of Martyrs.

The school # 2 where he once studied which now operates in Sumgayit city, is named after the hero. There are streets in both Gubadly and Ganja city after the hero as well.




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