Mursalov Vugar Mirazbar

Mursalov Vugar Mirazbar

Date of birth: 10/03/1963 Date of death: 09/06/1992

He was born in Goytapa city of Jalilabad region on the 10th of March, 1963. After he finished school # 1 in 1980, Vugar continued his education in Vocational school # 67 in Baki city. Later he entered Baki Polytechnic Institute. After graduating from the Institute with excellent marks, Vugar was called for military service. He was promoted to the rank of Head Sergeant of Guard and later, he became a tankman. After he was discharged from the army in 1984, he returned back and started working at Goytapa Car Repair Factory.

When the time came to protect the country, V. Mursalov was enlisted in Special Police Forces and took up the arms against the enemy in 1991. The route of his battle pass was going through Fuzuli, Khanlar, Aghdam, Lachin, Shusha, Goranboy, Aghdara…He was fighting for every inch of Azerbaijan and would not reconcile with the idea of invasion at all. He would always stand in defense and face the death but never give up. Vugar saved his battle friends many times. June the 9th, 1992…Armenian fascists started the attack on Jamilli village of Tartar region. Vugar Mursalov fought in the battle till the last breath but was shot by a sniper. The brave so died heroically while fighting for the Motherland.

He was single.

Mursalov Vugar Mirazbar was posthumously awarded the title of the “National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree # 264 of the president of Azerbaijani republic on the 8th of October, 1992.

He was buried in the Alley of Martyrs in Baki city.

Goytapa city school where he once studied is named after the hero. There is also a monument of him in the center of the city. There are also streets in Tartar, Goytapa, and Jalilabad citied after his name.



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