Sayadov Mehman Gazanfar

Sayadov Mehman Gazanfar

Date of birth: 21/11/1972 Date of death: 09/05/1992

He was born in Gunashli village of Vardenis region of Western Azerbaijan on the 21st of November, 1972. When he was a seventh grade student, they were banished from their ancestral homeland by the vicious enemy. And they were forced to move to Sarkar village of Samuhk region in 1988. He could not continue his education after he became a refugee. So, Mehman worked on some farms for a while. When The National Movement started, he was one of the active members. And after he reached the age of 18, he was called for military service within the Soviet Army. After serving in Sverdlosk province for 6 months, he returned back to Azerbaijan in order to stand in the defense of the Motherland that was thrown into bloody war and battles by vicious and repellent enemies. Thus, he was voluntarily enlisted within The Defense Unit called “Azerbaijan’s Garabagh” and went to the Front on the 5thof November, 1995. Sayadov Mehman showed a great courage while defending his Motherland, especially, in the villages of Shusha region such as; Kosalar and Nabilar. He destroyed a lot of manpower and military equipment of the enemy with the help of his battle friends. Angered from or victory, the Armenian militants attacked Nabilar village with even more manpower and the fascists surrounded the village from all the directions. Though being under the siege and surrounded from everywhere, the brave soldiers did not give up and fought bravely till they broke the siege.

But the brave son of the Motherland – M. Sayadov heroically died while defending Nabilar village of Shusha region from the enemy invasion on the 9th of May, 1992. The place where his dead body was lying was also full of dead enemy soldiers. That was a real example of the braver of a person who would fight till the end for the protection of the country.

He was single.

Sayadov Mehman Gazanfar was posthumously awarded the title of the “National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree # 833 of the president of Azerbaijani republic on the 7th of June, 1992.

His body remained in the battlefield. And unfortunately nothing has been done yet in order to perpetuate his name.



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