Tahmazov Pasha Gurban

Tahmazov Pasha Gurban

Date of birth: 23/03/1949 Date of death: 23/08/1993

He was born in Lankaran city in 1949. After finishing the 8th grade of secondary school # 6 in 1964, Pasha continued his education at the School for Young Workers. He soon started his career as an apprentice of an expert within the Factory of Public Utility Services. And later, he started working as an expert himself at the same factory. Certain groups of traitors were using the unfortunate situation of the country that was living through hell of undeclared war by Armenia. Thus, those groups were trying t create sabotage in every part of the republic and kept people in fear for their lives throughout all that time. They were trying to devour the country from within when vicious armenians were doing that from outside. The southern part of Azerbaijan was also under a very huge and unwanted pressure on the 23rd of August, 1993. The criminal gang led by Alikram Bayramov was trying to establish “Talish Mughan Republic”. And they were taking over all the government institutions ad organs in Lankaran and surrounding regions by using force against the people. Thus, the brave sons of the Nation could not bear it anymore and decided to fight the gangsters back. Pasha Tahmazov was also among them. He wanted to see his Motherland free and independent without any war or bloodshed. Pasha Tahmazov put the sovereignty, independence and unity of the country above all and he was doing his best in order to liquidate the criminal gangs. Pasha, who was loyal to his ideology ascended to the peak of a Martyr while fulfilling his duty in front of his country.

He was married and survived by 3 children.

Tahmazov Pasha Qurban was posthumously awarded the title of the “National Hero” by the decree # 740 of the president of the republic of Azerbaijan on the 24th of August, 1993.

He was buried in the Alley of Martyrs in Lankara city.

One of the streets in Lankaran city is named after the hero. There is a Memorial plaque in front of the building where he used to live and also a bust of him in “23rd August” square.



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