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The “Live Line” award of $ 2.000 for the first place in the “Illustration” category, established by Adam Kapanov, as an incentive for artists from around the world

The “Live Line” award of $ 2.000 for the first place in the “Illustration” category, established by Adam Kapanov, as an incentive for artists from around the world

The “Live Line” award of $ 2.000 for the first place in the “Illustration” category, established by…

We all have difficulties, and we all overcome them no matter what, especially when there is incentive and support. Wanting to support creativity and talented illustrators, Kazakhstani philanthropist Adam Kapanov established the Living Line Award. This idea was supported by the Eurasian Creative Guild and now the award is presented annually within the framework of the “Open Eurasia 2018” competition 1 and the international festival “Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum2, which took place in Thailand, from 23 to 26 November. The prize is awarded in addition to the main category "Illustration".

Adam Kapanov Candidate of Biological Sciences (1988), member of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan (2006), author of 4 documentary films, several ballet librettos and over 500 journal and newspaper publications. Popular author of the most famous of periodicals, editor-in-chief of the first Kazakhstan illustrated magazine for men “Season DM” (2002-2010).

Businessman, photographer and traveler: visited the summit of Kilimanjaro, the base camp of Everest, sailed in an amateur regatta, participated in a car expedition to Karakorum.

The founder of the private foundation for the development of culture "Solar Wind", supporting young architects, artists, ballet dancers. The author of the book in the genre of the Turkic adventure fantasy "Air nomadic". In the near future, is preparing to publish a multivolume illustrated encyclopedia "Living World" in the Kazakh and Russian languages, working on the historical novel "The Circle and the Cross."

Member of the Kazakhstan National Committee of the UNESCO International Program, member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (ECG London). He was awarded the “Peace Dove” medal by the International Association “Generals of the World for Peace” for creative work.

The Living Line Award was first established in 2017 and presented at the En Poli winner of the Illusion category at the OEBF International Festival in Stockholm for the work of «Kozy Island Chimera».

This year the prize was awarded to the talented Agathon Boke (Russia), who not only paints, but also personally developed a unique method of making exclusive hand-made books from unusual materials in various designs and new binding techniques. This is called "Book Architecture."

But everything is ahead and the Eurasian Creative Guild is planning to organize the “Open Eurasia 2019” contest as a chance to express themselves and present their work in the international arena.

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Contest “Open Eurasia”, a connecting thread that unites everyone, despite the different geographical and political situation, allows you to develop, get acquainted with the newest works written in different countries, participate in their discussion, and therefore live in the general information field of modern literature . Open Eurasia provides an opportunity to popularize its participants, their works become more in demand among the public, and the winner in the category “literary work” gets the opportunity to publish his book in the UK.

Festival “Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum - OEBF” is an annual international literary festival and forum that brings together poets, writers, artists, directors, creative people of any profession from the Eurasian region and from all over the world. The festival and forum is built on the principle of openness and interaction of all arts based on literature, providing an opportunity to establish a dialogue within the literary and cultural space and providing an opportunity for authors to express themselves.


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