Yusifov Naig Nasir

Yusifov Naig Nasir

Date of birth: 05/01/1970 Date of death: 24/03/1992

He was born in Aghdam village of Tovuz region on the 5th of January, 1970. He finished secondary school in his own village in 1987. After working for a while on a state farm in the village, he was called for military service in 1988. He served in Tekhakaya city of Georgian republic within the Communication battalion and retuned back to his home country after being demobilized in 1990.It was one of the hardest times for our republic. We did not have National Army yet and the enemy terrorists were attacking the bordering region killing and vandalizing the poor civilians. There were nobody to protect them from the claws of the vicious enemy and the regions that were under attack were somehow protected by self defense units. It was thanks to those brave children of the Nation and the country that were establishing self defense battalions and trying somehow to protect the country by foreign attacks from everywhere.

Naig also decided to join one of the self defense battalions in order to take up arms and protect the poor country from the enemies that were waiting for a good opportunity in order to devour the country both from inside and outside.

His first battle took place in the place called “Chanlibel”. When a group of Armenian militants were advancing towards Aghdam village, Naig was in a difficult situation. But his battle friends rushed to help him in this dangerous situation. The enemy were scattered and had to retreat after encountering severe resistance. This battle was a real and strong inspiration for Naig.

Armeian terrorists attacked Kokha – Nabi village of Tovuz region on the 24th March, 1992. When Naig reached the battle place, the whole village was already in fire. He immediately launched grenade cup discharger at the enemy’s Infantry Combat Vehicle and destroyed it. Naig was trying to reach his battle friends that were under enemy attack and surrounded from everywhere. But unfortunately he was not able to reach them in time. He was severely wounded by the shrapnel of the grenade that exploded next to him. He tried to get up and continue fighting but could not do so. Then he started firing at the enemy from his gun but when the bullets finished, he launched another grenade in order not to become the enemy captive. And by doing so, he did put an end not only to his but to several enemy bandits’ lives as well.

He was single.

Yusifov Naig Nasir was posthumously awarded the title of the “National Hero of Azerbaijan” by the decree # of the president of the republic of Azerbaijan on the 7th of July, 1992.

He was buried in Aghdam village of Tovuz region. The school where he once studied is named after the hero.



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