morooq - a cure of your Speaking problem!

morooq - a cure of your Speaking problem!

morooq - is the application which gives you opportunity to solve your "Speaking" problem.


The idea of a unique international test platform Morooq was developed in June 2016 by Zeynal Zeynalov getting inspired from the book “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh. The project was launched on the eve of setting up official IELTS Test Centre at Barattson.

The project was firsltly named the IELTS Mock App and it started to work on the 10th of October 2017. The original test prototype was applied to the Android operating system (Java programming language). Later, more efficient model was upgraded to the IOS operating system too (Swift programming language)

The name given to the project has been confirmed as a result of voting among members of the team on October 30, 2017 (.az, .net, .org) domain was received on November 4, 2017, and website was provided with an SSL certificate on April 4, 2018.

The beta version of the application was tested between 1-21 March 2018.

The mobile application was put into use in Play Store and App Store mobile application stores in Azerbaijan for the first time on 18th of April 2018.

"morooq" is one of the innovative mobile applications that develops communication skills and belongs to education segment.

How does the application work?

After the student signs up to the application, he/she books an appropriate test and gets an access to the test. During the test period, students voice is recorded by a mobile attachment and sent to the teachers mobile phone. The examiner, who acts as an examiner, listens to the students answers to the appropriate questions and assesses them. Once the test answers have been checked, recorded results are directly sent to the students mobile device through the application.

Along with the social network account, it is also possible to sign up to the morooq application though its own registration panel.

Once you select a trial exam and a payment method, the registration process is considered complete. It is possible to buy a test in cash or by bank card (also known as debit card or plastic card)

Once your payment is confirmed, “speaking” test questions are presented. Accordingly, Part I consists of 2 questions, the second part consists of a topic and questions related to this topic and the last part also consists of 2 questions. There is a time limit for answering each question. After all questions are answered, voice recordings are sent directly to the experts. It should be noted that the exam results are assessed by internationally experienced examiners.These examiners can be from different countries of the world. The best part of this method is that each question is assessed seperately and the average result is calculated by the application itself, at that time the result of the examination becomes more accurate.

Advantages of the application

Whenever a problem occurs for technical reasons during a test or if it is forced out of the exam, the application will give you a new chance to take the exam again. For this, you need to enter exam again and press the "retake" button. You can follow the current exam status on the home page and take other exams. This method will help you develop your "speaking" skills in practice.

If you are not able to submit your exam because of the internet problem, then you can resend the full free exam by clicking the "resend" button in the exam.

The biggest advantage of morooq application is the lack of problems with appointing teachers and adapting time. İt is also possible to join exam anywhere you want.



By May 2018, over 1500 Android users and over 1000 IOS users had installed the mobile application and over 800 users had taken the exam.


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